Dirt Rally 2.0 - Multiplayer guide

This guide will walk you through on how to play Dirt Rally 2.0 in Multiplayer mode

From the Freeplay section you can find the Custom -option, that is the way to make multiplayer session with your friends in Dirt Rally 2.0.

You can create championship season with maximum 12 events. Championship can include both rallies and rallycross events.

In the championship, every event can include maximum 12 stages.

From the Lobby-section you can invite your friends to participate your championship.

From the Multiplayer Settings -section you can adjust the settings of your championship

  1. Session Visibility = You can adjust this championship to be open for everyone, or just for your friends that are invited to drive
  2. Driver Assists = Do you want to use games assist for driving
  3. Tuning = Is it possible to tune the cars during the championship
  4. Pre Race Timer = The amount of time for other players when the game master has pressed READY button
  5. End Race Timer = The amount of time for the players to reach finish line after first has finished the race
  6. Entrants = Do you allow AI-drivers to fill the entry list if there is not enough friends to participate

When everything is ok with the championship settings, click START CHAMPIONSHIP and start driving!

Club Rallies

Join the club from dirtrally2.dirtgame.com page, for example Overpower Club: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/373638 

If there is a rally ongoing, you can drive it via Dirt Rally 2 game.