The Owner's View - Martyn, Sweden

I am a complete novice at sim racing and decided to buy a rig for me and my children.

Trying to find a rig that could be used by all of us was difficult, as we range from 136cm to 194cm in height. I spent weeks pouring over reviews of many different rigs from different experts, especially enjoying watching the reviews of Barry, the genius at Sim Garage. But none of the rigs really caught my eye in terms of design.

By a stroke of luck I came across the relatively new company Overpower from Finland. I was immediately struck by the images of their rigs and scoured the web for reviews, unfortunately there were none. Despite this, I liked the design of their formula rig so much (it looked more like a racing car than other rigs I had seen, and for me the aesthetics were a very important factor in my decision). I was also drawn to the idea of supporting a smaller company from northern Finland and so took the plunge.

The first thing I noticed when the Formula rig arrived was the quality of the material, absolutely outstanding. Since I have never built this type of thing before I decided to do things slowly and work on the build over a few days doing a bit at a time. This I think was a good idea for someone new to this, however I’m sure seasoned rig builders would be able to do this in a couple of hours.

All of the pieces arrived without a scratch, despite the transport company obviously treating the packages roughly, as a couple of the cardboard boxes had been broken. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The support from the company is also nothing short of incredible, I received answers to questions almost immediately, and was told to “just call” during the build if I needed any assistance.

My children and I have now used the rig for just a couple of days, so experience is limited, but with the Fanatic elite wheel base, V3 pedals and Samsung G9 screen, the whole experience is out of this world. The rig is solid as a rock, and the child seat and electric pedal adjuster, make it easily adaptable for any size of person.

Initially, it was not the easiest to get in and out of, and as a 55 year old I thought I’d have to take up yoga classes to help, but Overpower posted a video on how to get in and out, so the yoga has thankfully been cancelled.

Generally, the overall quality of the rig is incredible and the experience is simply breathtaking. While the price is on the steep side you certainly get what you pay for and I would certainly recommend this rig to anyone with the budget looking for quality and a superb feeling of engagement in F1 sim racing.