Samsung G9 campaign featuring OP and Power

Numerous of OP Formulas with custom Samsung G9 liveries and event accessories will be featured in numerous of Power stores across the Nordic countries starting from next week. The campaign will start from Finland where the G9 rigs can be found from Power stores in Vantaa, Raisio, Tampere and Jyväskylä.

We are extremely happy to continue our well working partnership with Samsung and super excited to have Power onboard as well to spread the excitement of sim racing across the Nordic countries. For a fresh face in the scene like us I think it's rare to be trusted with the major brands like Samsung and Power, so we are really excited to show what the folks from the North are made of.” Sums Olli regarding the project. “The huge effort what we’ve put in the development of the OP ecosystem starts to show it’s capabilities. The OP Formula with the aesthetics and superior event accessories like OP Electric Pedal Adjuster is a game changer in the scene and will fit perfectly in the showcase portfolio of Samsung and Power.

The campaign will feature the Samsung G9 49” 240hz ultra wide gaming monitors which are one of the best screens for simulation purposes with it’s wideness and super high refresh rate. The G9s will be mounted on OP Formulas with special Samsung G9 livery. The rig features obviously the OP Single Monitor Mount and the OP Electric Pedal Adjuster to allow the store visitors with all sizes to give the rig a go.

The rigs are mounted on an OP Event Platform for easy movement of the rig and safe transportation of the complete system. The platform is also protected with custom made logistics protective case, all this thanks to the courtesy of our boss artisan Jouni.

The first stage of the campaign includes total of 4 rigs in Finland, and as soon as the COVID-19 situation allows, Denmark and Norway will follow.