Heusinkveld official retail partnership

We are super happy to announce that OverPower is now official reseller of the premium Heusinkveld products. The HE hardware are now in stock and ready to be shipped within the same or next business day once you place an order.

I’ve known the Heusinkveld guys for a long time and I’m a huge fan of what they have achieved in the scene as a manufacturer and how they are doing it. The products are truly great and high quality.” Olli Pahkala shares his experience from Heusinkveld. “Once a racer finds good setup with either hardware or software, you wanna stick to it and never let go. I bought my Ultimate pedal set over a year ago and they are going to be mounted on my OP Formula for quite some time!

Heusinkveld is a Dutch manufacturer specialized in premium simulator hardware. Nearly a decade of manufacturing and selling pedals, shifters, handbrakes and rigs, Heusinkveld is one of the leading high-end simulator hardware brand in sim racing scene.

Heusinkveld products are now available at overpower.gg shop under pedals, shifters and handbrakes category. Majority of the HE products are in stock and ready to be shipped within the same business day for orders before 12:00 EET, and orders after the 12 o'clock shipment will be done the next business day.

Get yours now:
Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals, starting at 1099€
Heusinkveld Ultimate Baseplate, 109€
Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals,starting at 619€
Heusinkveld Sprint Baseplate, 99€
Heusinkveld Shifter SQ, 219€
Heusinkveld Handbrake, 259€