OverPower announced as the OEM partner of Simucube

Finnish premium brands has joined forces as Granite Devices has taken OverPower onboard as an OEM partner. Simucube products can be now acquired from OP webshop as well as from OP’s turn key solutions.

We are extremely happy and excited from the partnership. We’ve been a huge fan of the Simucube brand and products for quite some time and been looking forward to take the first steps towards the future with the awesome Granite personnel.” Olli Pahkala stated from the partnership. “We are pushing partnership forward really hard, aiming to provide more value to the Simucube brand as well as creating awesome new things for the cube community like Simucube branded front mounts, rigs with the Simucube livery and hopefully some wheels in the near future.

Simucube products can be purchased from the overpower.gg from wheels section at the respective MSRP. Currently in stock and ready to be shipped in the next business day are Simucube 2 Pro and Sport. The Ultimate and Simucube ecosystem accessories are to be listed in the shop in the upcoming weeks.

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