July newsletter

OP Development

The development of OP rigs and accessories has been moving forward consistently. In the upcoming weeks we are ramping up the dev, meaning that we are starting to release new products in a more frequent pace in August. 

The first product releases will be functional and aesthetical accessories improving the usability of the OP ecosystem. After the accessories has been released, we will finalize the design of a new rig aimed for the young sim racers. 

Dirt Rally 2.0 Club Racing - Month of R5 in July

Since we are huge fans of rally racing, we have been running the OverPower DR2.0 Club races for a while now. In July, we will race against each other with the nicely handling 4-wheel drive R5 cars which offers close racing through the four different rallies.

We run our DR2.0 Club in cross platform environment, meaning you can join the club and try to whoop Olli's butt using your PC, PlayStation or Xbox. The schedule of the R5 cup is:

  1. Baumholder, Germany (from 1st to 8th of July)
  2. Värmland, Sweden (from 8th to 15th of July)
  3. New England, USA (from 15th to 22nd of July)
  4. Agrolis, Greece (from 22nd to 29th of July)

How to: Dirt Rally 2.0 Club Racing

DiRT Rally 2.0 (dirtgame.com)

OverTake.gg - Nitro Nights Ep. 42 featuring OP

Olli had the honor of joining the awesome OverTake.gg Nitro Nights. Check out some insights from the OP Story and what the future plans are for us.

Quick bits

  • Heusinkveld Ultimate 2- and 3-pedal set prices have been decreased for anticipated Ultimate+ series announcement later this year. Check Heusinkveld's announcement for more detailed information.
  • Heusinkveld Handbrake price has been decreased as well for the same reason as Ultimate's. Check Heusinkveld's announcement for more detailed information.
  • We have added Klarna as a payment method to our Shop. With Klarna you can slice your purchase up to 36 installment payments or pay up to 14 days later from the purchase.
  • PayPal Express Checkout has been implemented to OverPower Shop for smoother checkout and payment experience for all customers. In additional to the traditional Paypal, the Express Checkout offers also PayPal Credit payment as well as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.

OverPower Discord

We have recently created an OverPower Discord server to gather all OP racers under the same roof.

Discord is a voice- and chat client where people can connect and discuss different matters. Discord has become the number one platform for different sim racing and esports communities.

From OP Discord you can find increasing amount of OverPower rig owners and sim racers. The server offers channels for general discussion, as well as channels for asking assistance or guidance for different matters.

OP's pro sim racer Olli Pahkala is available and at your disposal for tips and tricks for all sorts of questions what you have in mind. OverPower rig owner or not, we welcome you to join to the OP Community from the link below!

Join OverPower Discord