August newsletter

OP Development

The development of the new OP accessories and the rig is in the prototyping and testing phase. We are expecting to continue the prototype phase for few more weeks before launching the new OP products. Further announcements shall be made in a form of newsletters, social media posts as well as product listings (obviously), so stay tuned in our channels!

DR2.0 Club Racing

In August we jump from the R5s to the rear wheel Rally GT cars. These beasts will host the August DR2.0 OP championship in the super challenging locations in gravel, tarmac, and snow environments.

The schedule of the August champ:

  1. 2nd to 9th of August: Scotland – Perth and Kinross
  2. 9th to 16th: Wales – Powys
  3. 16th to 23rd: Sweden – Värmland
  4. 23rd to 30th: Germany – Baumholder

Available cars:

  • Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec
  • Ford Mustang GT4
  • Chevrolet Camaro GT4-R
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4
  • BMW M2 Competition

How to: Dirt Rally 2.0 Club Racing

DiRT Rally 2.0 OverPower Club (dirtgame.com)

F1 2021 Racing Evenings

The time has come for yet another Formula 1 racing title release, as EA Games together with Codemasters launched the new F1 2021 in 15th of July. After we tried it out, it was an easy decision to start racing the F1 2021 in the OP Racing Evenings on Wednesdays.

The OverPower Racing Evenings are hosted racing sessions in the OP Racing Facility. Racers can either come to our factory and choose one of the seven premium simulators available or join the race online with their own simulators. Races will take approximately two hours, the format being 60min free practice, one shot qualification run and 50% race with one mandatory pit-stop.

Interested in joining the race from your home? Join to OP Discord and drop Olli a message and we’ll sort you out!


The event business has been in tough place for the past two years, but luckily the situation has gotten under control. This means we can pack our bags and go see people! Sweet!!

In August, there’ll be two major events taking place where we host sim racing action. First will be Simerock, a rock festival held in Rovaniemi from 20th to 22nd of August. The local three-day festival will see two premium OP rigs available for rockers to race.

The second event is the weekend after where we join the legendary Porsche Festival 2021 in Alastaro, Finland. The super weekend is one of the highlights of the Porsche drivers, where the Porsche Club Finland celebrates their 50th anniversary! Congratulations!

Dev sneak peak

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate+

The product release we’ve been waiting literally for years is now here! Last week Heusinkveld released upgraded version of their flagship pedal set – Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate+. The best-selling premium pedal set was upgraded to the modern racing peripheral era with new SmartControl (known from the Sprint pedals) compatible controller with better electronics, all new progressive brake springs, revised sensor mounts and more.

Read more and get your own Ulti+ set from here!

If you own the original revision of the Ultimate pedal set, you can upgrade yours to the modern era with the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate Upgrade Kit.

OverTake.gg - OP Formula reviewed

It's time for @GarethCasts to give the OverPower Formula a proper test and review. 

Refer to a friend

Having an OP friend starts to pay out! In case you or your friends are considering getting a new OP rig, take the name in and recommend going OP as you’ll be rewarded with some hefty benefits. We’ll launch the referral campaign in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned for more!

YOTPO Review system

We have recently integrated a YOPTO review system to OverPower webshop. The system allows you share your experience from the hardware available at overpower.gg.

We would highly appreciate if you could spare few minutes of your time to share your honest opinion from the hardware you have. The reviews can be written in the product pages and can be done either anonymously or under your own name.

Thank you all for reading, and we wish you an excellent August! Keep on racing!