A fresh breeze from the north

Throughout the winter, we have streamlined our operations in all areas of our business. It's time to update on how we're doing in the north!

Greetings from the product development

In product development, we have focused on creating new adjustment and fastening mechanisms for the main material we use (high pressure laminate, HPL). The mission is to move towards more innovative product catalog that benefits all OP's current and future customers. The development has been progressing very well, and we are pleased to introduce you to three new add-ons for OP rigs which are based on our new mechanisms: OP Top Monitor Mount, OP Gaming Platform Tray and Cable Box, and OP Monitor Mount Lite!

OP Top Monitor Mount

Situational awareness (SA) is a key to success in sim racing. Knowing exactly where your competition is helps you adapt in intense racing environment with ease. With OP Top Monitor Mount, you can place additional monitor on top of your main monitor(s) for extra information easily accessible for your eyes. Read more about the mount here.

OP Top Monitor Mount

OP Gaming Platform Tray and Cable Box

Placing the gaming platform in the optimal location significantly facilitates the use of the simulator. When your gaming platform (PC or console) is placed off the floor, it is easily accessible, for example, for maintenance and connection of new equipment. The OP Gaming Platform Tray is a compatible, integrable tray for all OP rigs and for all game platforms. Read more about the tray from here.

OP Gaming Platform Tray

OP Monitor Mount Lite

The optimal position of the screen significantly improves the driving experience and ergonomics. The ease of fine-tuning the position and distance of the monitor is also important, as in most cases you can find the perfect position for you by testing different options. The OP Monitor Mount Lite is an integrated monitor stand with state-of-the-art sliding mechanisms for all Overpower rigs, guaranteeing performance for even the heaviest gaming monitors on the market. Read more about the new monitor mount from here.

Overpower in Spain

A little story about an OP racer.. Few years back, one of our early adopters acquired himself an OP Formula with all the premium accessories. He ran with the formula setup for a year, which after he started thinking that the love for sim racing has to be shared better in Spain.

Josep, our Spanish OP racer started transferring his business and sim racing expertise into a form of community and customer friendly sim racing store. As sim racing can be quite complex and difficult to get into, Josep sorted out a great way to get the complete setup with ease. As Josep was in love with his OP Formula and all Overpower products, he asked us to join his venture to support the growth of sim racing in Southern Europe. And we thought, the most certainly we join!

Josep has started a Spanish sim racing store called Simufy. Simufy is a one-stop-shop for all sim racing hardware, which is distributed directly from Spain. And as you know, shipping a complete rig or any hardware rig from the Arctic Circle all the way to the other side of the Europe, Simufy now offers extremely fast, affordable and easy way to acquire OP products in the whole Southern Europe! Make sure to check out what Josep has to offer. And a very special greeting to our Spanish friends; The Simufy.com services you in Spanish as well! Way to go Josep and Simufy!

Tip of the week

During the winter, we have delivered ready-to-drive packages to drivers all over Finland, and we have toured dozens of events, offering driving experiences for drivers of all ages and sizes. To provide a good driving experience, we spent a lot of time finalizing the driving ergonomic adjustments. Want to know how we make OP baseline settings for our rigs? Check out the instructions here!

Do you have any questions or some more specific guidance need in mind that we could provide for you and other OP users? Put your ideas in our tutorial form and Olli will work out the instructions for the whole OP community as soon as possible!

Price updates

The global economic situation is living in a time of great change. War, inflation, and ongoing epidemics and pandemics affect supply chains, the availability of raw materials, and prices, which unfortunately also affect our business and, with it, the pricing. Since the establishment of Overpower Ltd (August 2019), the price of aluminum alone has almost doubled, and due to it and increased logistics costs, we will have to raise the prices of our pro racks. The prices of our products will be updated on June 6, 2022, and new pricing can be found on the product-specific pages. If you have an OP rig with OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Pro in the wishlist, you can still get one at current prices before the 6th of June.

Although prices have generally been rising across all industries, our mission is to develop new, innovative and high-quality driving simulator products for the market in a cost-effective and high-quality manner, as exemplified by the add-ons we have just released. Stay tuned for more!