June for children!

OP Child Rig

OP Child Rig is a driving simulator platform designed for children. With its eye-catching design, easy-to-use and wide adjustment capabilities, and rugged design, it is a must-have simulator platform for young digital motorsport enthusiasts. Read more about OP Child Rig here: OP Child Rig

OP Child Rig

Why rig is important?

The chassis, or rig, allows the steering wheel, pedals, monitor, and other driving peripherals to be securely attached for heavy use. The chassis plays a significant role in maximizing driving pleasure, as good ergonomics significantly improve the quality of the driving experience, allowing you to focus fully on driving. Its main features are its ruggedness, ergonomics, easy adjustability and aesthetics. Read more about the meanings of the features here: What is sim rig and why it's important?

OP Pro

The story of Nilsiä

Almost sixty years ago, local teachers and the people of the gas stations and repair shops in Nilsiä broke together, and in 1967, the AKK motorsports club Nilsiä Sports Motorists was born. The motorsport business, which started with car navigation and ice rink racing, has expanded over the decades to cover many different genres of motorsport, from rally to go-karting. Now, Nilsiä UA expanded its operations to digital motorsport. Read more about them:The story of Nilsiä

Nilsiä Motorsport Club

OP Academy

The salt of digital motorsport can be found driving together. Sharing the racing experience and traveling through the season in a good spirit with your competitors and teammates makes the sport extremely enjoyable.

We wanted to add a little salt to the OP drivers, which led to the establishment of the OP Academy in the winter. OP Academy is a group created for the sustainable development of drivers, where the sport is practiced together. OP Academy practices and develops skills in a constructive spirit, and of course actively competes in hobby and value series. After the spring Digital Racing eSM 2022 qualifying series, we have run endurance competitions at the Academy, e.g. iRacing Endurance sets as well as Le Mans 24h.

OP Academy

Welcome to the OP Academy you can find on our Discord: Overpower Discord 

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