Variety of servers free to use, sim racing workshop and tip of the week

OP Servers

Sim Racing’s salt can be found in racing together. What’s more enjoyable than competing you’re your friends in real time side by side while shouting a bit of feedback into the microphone! During the winter and spring, we have done a lot of work and acquired expertise in creating and maintaining servers so that we can offer more enjoyable racing experiences for all simulator drivers.

Modern network connections offer the opportunity to compete with dozens of drivers in real time on the same track. To do this, drivers need substantial network connections to a server, to which all drivers are connected. So, the server gathers all together and controls the race between the drivers.

We have worked extensively on server solutions for various games, and we’ve made the following servers available to everyone:

  • Assetto Corsa game servers
  • Joel Real Timing Team Servers (Telemetry Management Application Server)
  • rFactor / eJokkis game server
  • rFactor 2 game server
  • TeamSpeak voice server (teamspeak.overpower.fi)
  • Mumble voice server
  • Discord text and voice service

Do you want us to create your own server for you or your team? Do you or your community have competitions in an idea phase and need support in organizing your servers? Contact us at racing@overpower.gg and let’s make ideas come true!

Sim racing workshop – June edition

The Sim racing workshop is a monthly webinar that covers a variety of topics to support driver development. In the sim racing workshop in June, we will discuss the use of the body and eyes in training and racing. The workshop will be held on June 26 from 8 pm to 9 pm, register to the webinar from here: Register to the webinar

OP Racer Stories

We are starting to compile driver stories about our OP drivers. The aim is to introduce sim racing through user stories to make it easier for novice sim racing drivers and those interested in the sport to gain an understanding of the finesse of sim racing.

So we ask you to answer a few questions so that we can create a driver story for our website and social media. Answers take about 7 minutes.

Link to the story form

Thank you for the answers already in advance!

The tip of the week - How to share setups with your team using cloud service (for free!)

Adjusting the car setups can bring big improvements in lap times. Especially when the driving skills are on a good level, the skills and efficiency of adjusting car setup will make the difference, especially at the top level. One way to make working on car adjustments more efficient is to work as a team. But, without a good process, adjusting the car together can be challenging as individuals should remember to share the car's settings, remember to communicate the changes correctly and if there's no archive for old setups then everything must be done from a scratch every single time.

The efficient adjusting process of the car's setup helps the teams and drivers to use time more efficiently, as it will improve archiving, communications and sharing the setups. It is possible to create a system in cloud services, with which all the setups are available to all drivers and can be distributed in real time and effortlessly. Here's instructions on how to create a setup sharing system for your team: How to share setups with your team using cloud service (for free!)