Are you up for beating WRC drivers on virtual special stages?

It's time again for the Jyväskylä World Rally Championship Race! After a break of a few years, we are supporting Finland's biggest motorsport event with dozens of driving simulators. In the service park, rally people can have fun with the equipment of the member clubs that joined the Flying Finn DigiRigi youth work development project.

In the service park of Secto Rally Finland, the heads will roll on Thursday of this week, where the WRC drivers will open the sim event at 14:00 by driving the WRC 10 game against each other. In addition to the presentation of the skills of the top drivers, the public visiting service park can enjoy entertainment and experiences throughout the weekend, as the driving simulators will be free to drive after the WRC drivers' competition throughout the Secto Rally Finland 2022 event until Saturday evening at 10 p.m.

A joint effort to develop youth work

Together with AKK's member clubs, we organized 20 Flying Finn DigiRigs for the public to race, meaning that the queues are short and you can ride quickly. DigiRigs can be driven from the entire DigiRigi range - OP Ralli, OP Racer and OP Child driving simulators offer top-level driving experiences for drivers of all ages and sizes, from kids to adults!

The Secto Rally Finland is an important and big step forward in pushing digital motorsport forward. Representatives of AKK's member clubs are trained in event production, and the skills learned during the rally can thus be applied to the local level, bringing unique expertise to advance the sport throughout Finland. "A lot has been seen and done in the sim scene, but now we have a unique phenomenon at hand, even on an international level," says Olli Pahkala, CEO of Overpower. "Little and peppery Finland will show the world during this weekend that here we are going forward and hard on the digital side!"

In addition to the training, the member clubs are able to present their activities to the rally people of Finland, as well as introduce tens of thousands of rally guests to local partners who have supported the clubs' activities in advancing youth work and motor sports. If your club, company, or community has thought about acquiring driving simulators, now is the perfect opportunity to come get acquainted and discuss the possibilities of simulators in your operation!

Below you will find a list of the clubs that have left. Do any of the clubs happen to be in your area? Contact them immediately, the clubs' equipment is free for members to use!

Hämeenkyrön urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Ralli
Äänekosken Urheiluautoilijat, 2 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Ralli
Lammin Urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Custom Ralli
Tampereen Urheiluautoilijat, 2 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Racer & 1 kpl Child
Nilsiän Urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Custom Ralli & 1 kpl Child
Lapuan Urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Ralli
Riihimäen Urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Ralli
Rovaniemen Urheiluautoilijat, 1 kpl Flying Finn DigiRigi Ralli & 1 kpl Child

You can ride on a first come first serve basis. The duration of one driving shift is approx. 15 minutes, and there may be several companies depending on the queue situation. Driving is completely free, only a service park entrance ticket is required to enter the area. You can find the simulator center in the service park in hall C1, you can find the map of Rally Finland's service park and tickets here: Tickets - Secto Rally Finland.

Digital Rallycross Finnish Championship finals in Secto Rally Finland 2022

Have you ever watched from the sidelines as the world's top players races in serious esports arenas? Welcome to the Jyväskylä Paviljonki to watch the Digital Rallycross Finnish championship final, which will be held on Saturday afternoon in the simulator center. The winner of the title fight, organized by FiSRA and officialized by AKK, will be rewarded with cash prizes, so there will be an intense and eventful digital motorsport pro competition of rallycross. Read more about the final on FiSRA's website.

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You can find more information about the simulators that can be run below:

OP Ralli
OP Racer
OP Child

Would you like to hear more and talk in more detail about the OP Racing service and Overpower products? In the e-motorsport area you will find Risto and Olli, who will be happy to answer your questions regarding OP's operations and the Flying Finn DigiRigi project. Contact Risto or Olli and make an appointment:

Risto Pahkala
Tel.: 044 5527 275

Olli Pahkala
Tel.: 044 335 2553