ADAC Sim Racing Expo, OP Workshop & Drivers on the rocks

Overpower at ADAC Sim Racing Expo

We were honored to act as Simucube's equipment supplier at the ADAC Sim Racing Expo, which this year is held together with the Retro Classic Bavaria fair in Nuremberg, Germany. You can find us at the Simucube stand at the trade fair in Bavaria, where we present the Simucube Active pedals with the OP Formula & OP GT rigs. Olli is there, who is happy to answer to questions about Simucube and Overpower products, tug Olli by the sleeve and give the man a high-five if you’re around!

If you have questions about the devices or activities at the Expo, join our OP Discord and ask your questions on the #ask-anything channel, which Olli will answer along with the event activities. You can join the OP Discord here: OP Discord

You can read more about ADAC Sim Racing Expo here: ADAC Sim Racing Expo

Simucube Active Pedals can be found here: Simucube Active Pedal

Drivers on the rocks - AKK Champions’ Night in the sea

On December 3, 2022, the most successful drivers of 2022 and the most distinguished players in motorsport will be awarded on the waves of the Baltic Sea on the Drivers on the Rocks cruise on the Baltic Princess. At the same time, the fast-paced little Christmas of the car racing crowd is celebrated.

We are participating in the Drivers on the rocks cruise with five OP racing simulators, where we present digital racing and the Flying Finn DigiRigi project to motorists. The off season is long, so the tools to maintain the racing feel can be found in sim racing! If you're coming, come throw some high-fives and beat the poles in karting, rally or road racing!

Read more about the Drivers on the rocks cruise here: Drivers on the rocks

Sim racing workshop continues in December

Do you want to improve in sim racing? At OP Academy, we will once again continue the monthly Sim racing workshop, where we want to give drivers tools to progress in their sim racing career and develop their driving skills.

The next Workshop will be held on December 11, 2022, at 18. The theme of the workshop is preparation for competitions, where we focus on planning and techniques. Workshop is a webinar open for everyone, register yourself to the workshop from here: Register to the Workshop

Black Friday

Black Friday is the highlight of the year for consumers. We have considered participating in the BF, but in our minds weighs the respect on all OP drivers, current and future. We want to respect our customers regardless of the time of the year, and we feel that one big discount a year does not serve the entire OP community how we want to respect.

Regardless the lack of BF offers, we are working on other great campaigns and special offers throughout the year, without reducing the investment value of the OP drivers. We are currently working on the possibility of print versions, as well as adding a new add-on that expands the usability of OP platforms. Stay tuned for more!

Overpower services also in Finnish and Swedish

Did you know that we also serve in Finnish and Swedish? Check out your local versions of the Overpower website:

Overpower in Finnish: https://overpower.gg/fi

Overpower Sweden: https://overpower.gg/se