OP Child Seat

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The future is in the youth - expand the sim-user base of your household with the OP Child Seat.

The path for esports supremacy starts early. The OP Child Seat offers a practical and cost-efficient take-off for future champions to the world of esports and sim racing.

One sim for all

The OP slot mounting system offers a quick and functional way of mounting and unmounting the OP Child Seat, giving you the flexibility of racing together with your family. With thorough testing and development, we have attained the perfect seat dimensions to support children starting from 5 years old. The rapid growth of the youth will always be supported, thanks to the OP Formula's wide adjustability ranges.



  • Made for children between 5 to 12 years old
  • OP slot mounting system for practical mounting and unmounting
  • 12mm HPL side boards
  • 30mm neoprene cushion

The product package includes parts, and the final product will be assembled by the customer by following the assembly instructions.

What's included

OP Child Seat


We offer full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.


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