OP Cube Mount

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Simucube 2 Sport and Pro wheel base front mount

Mount your Simucube - OP style!

The vast majority of high-end direct drive wheel bases are designed to be mounted on the rig from the front of the wheel base. This comes from the early days of the DD wheels - the first ones have been industrial servo motors, which are mounted on an axis in a similar fashion to sim racing.

OP Cube Mount is our solution to bring high-end DDs to your OP sim rig. With two corner brackets, you can mount the OP Cube Mount to your existing rig, which after the beautiful Simucube designed front plate hosts the perfect mounting placement for your Simucube wheel base.

  • Simucube licensed front mount
  • Compatible to all OP rigs
  • 12mm HPL plate
  • 3030 corner brackets for wheel plate and aluminium profile mounting

What's included

OP Cube Mount plate
2x 3030 Corner Brackets
Bolts and nuts

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