OP Formula Lite

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OP Formula Lite is a premium sim rig for demanding racers with mid-range simulator hardware.

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OP Formula Lite is a formula style sim racing rig with adjustable seat rest and lumbar support.
OP Formula Lite

In stock

€799.00 €644.35


    The OP Lite is a cost-efficient and upgradeable simulator platform with plenty of accessories available. OP Formula Seat is packed with ergonomic capabilities that OP Frontal Assembly and OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Lite give honour to with a high price-performance ratio.

    OP Formula Seat

    Every individual in this world possesses a unique body posture. With the five adjustment slots located in the backrest, racers are able to fine-tune the seat ergonomics to drive endurance races with zero body constraints. 

    OP Frontal Assembly

    The cross support component inside the assembly plays a critical role in the cockpit performance. The component removes all horizontal movements created by the wheel base thus improving FFB sensations significantly. The frontal assembly includes a calf support that provides racers a great opportunity to relax their legs throughout a race.

    OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Lite

    The OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Lite is manufactured from 12mm thick high pressure laminate (HPL). HPL is a very tough material and capable of handling high-load situations at a very low cost. The pedal rack is packed with adjustability with slots created for height, tilt and distance adjustments. Wheel rack has pre-drilled holes for the majority of sim racing hardware and together with the front assembly slots and 30-arc aluminium profiles it offers wide adjustment ranges.

    • Made in Finland
    • OP Frontal Assembly's cross support offers sturdy platform for precise FFB
    • OP Formula Seat is an ergonomic masterpiece
    • Complete the package with OP accessories
    • Full support for the major sim racing peripherals
    • Premium materials
      • 12/15mm High Pressure Laminate
      • 3030/3060/3090 aluminium extrusion profiles
    • Four different color variations
    • Designed and tested for and with a DD and a 65kg load cell pedal set for future-proof performance
    • Highly adjustable pedal position with tilt, height and distance adjustability
    • Tilt, height and distance adjustable steering rack
    • Artisan-grade aesthetics



    • Thigh angle: 4,5 degrees (15mm adjustment slot)
    • Backrest angle: 8 degrees
    • Lumbar support: 50mm

    Steering rack

    • Distance: 22,5cm
    • Height:11cm
    • Angle: 38 degrees

    Pedal rack

    • Distance: 40cm
    • Height: 25cm
    • Angle: 50 degrees

    The product package includes parts, and the final product will be assembled by the customer by following the assembly instructions.


    • OP Frontal Assembly
    • OP Formula Seat
    • OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Lite


    Length: 195cm
    Width: 60cm
    Height: 89cm (top of the seat)


    We offer a full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.


    • Logitech
      • G29/G920/G27/G25
      • Driving Force GT
    • Thrustmaster
      • T500RS
      • TS-PC
      • TS-XW
      • T300
      • T-GT
      • T150/T150 Pro
      • TX
      • T80
      • Ferrari 458 Spider
    • Fanatec
      • CSL Elite Series
      • ClubSport Series
      • Podium DD1
    • Granite Devices
      • Simucube 2 Sport
    • MiGE etc. DD wheelbases (With optional adapter)
    • Simagic Wheel Bases


    • Heusinkveld
      • Pro
      • Sprint
    • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals (V1/2/3/3i)
    • Fanatec Elite Pedals (& Load Cell Kit)
    • Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
    • Thrustmaster
      • T3PA
      • T3PA Pro
      • TX Pedals
      • T-LCM
    • Logitech G27/G29 pedals
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