OP Keyboard Tray

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Keyboard right where you need it!

The keyboard is constantly needed when using the simulator, not to mention if you want to spend time in the simulator in ways other than driving. Among other things, in-game navigation, competition management, maintaining a snapshot and communicating with competitors are things where the use of the keyboard is vital.

Top level sliding mechanisms

The keyboard is mainly used in three positions depending on the situation. When driving, the keyboard is on the side within reach of your fingers, so that you can take actions when necessary and use it, for example, as a button box. At other times, it is most ergonomic to place the keyboard directly in front of your body, so that typing is easy, and the body does not rotate. When the simulator is not in use, it is convenient to move the keyboard away from the front so that entering and exiting the simulator would be easy. For these three uses, we developed easy-to-use and quick-to-use sliding adjustment mechanisms, so that it is easy to move the keyboard to the side, in front of you, adjust the angle or move it completely out of the vicinity of the steering wheel.

"This is a must-have add-on for OP rigs! Now we can centralize everything we do on the computer in one OP racing sim. Our guest room immediately freed up space for storing things when the office corner of a couple of square meters was moved to the side. We liked it at home!" Sim racing veteran Olli Pahkala states. "I spend most of my time doing office work, racing and playing, so the ergonomic 'one rig fits for all' solution is a real ace. I've also got a lot more energy in my days, when I can conveniently go bang on a couple of special stages during my coffee and lunch breaks!"