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Drop the heads and take full control of your office duties in your OP sim rig with OP Mouse Tray

Have you ever thought that with an ergonomic rig you could do everything from gaming to remote work to running a home office? Now it's possible! The OP Mouse Tray offers a sturdy and easily adjustable base that allows you to place your mouse pad in a place that suits you. With the OP slot adjustments, you can easily put the mouse stand aside during the race and after the race you can conveniently place it in your desired place for analyzing the results.

Free up space by centralizing

Has the purchase of a simulator platform been frozen due to lack of space? Or wouldn't you mind getting two different systems for gaming and office work? Look no further, because with the help of the OP Mouse Tray, you can concentrate all machine operations in one point, eliminating the need for desks and separate living room solutions. You do all your work and fun from one racing simulator that acts as a complete workstation.

"This is a must-have add-on for OP rigs! Now we can centralize everything we do on the computer in one OP racing sim. Our guest room immediately freed up space for storing things when the office corner of a couple of square meters was moved to the side. We liked it at home!" Sim racing veteran Olli Pahkala states. "I spend most of my time doing office work, racing and playing, so the ergonomic 'one rig fits for all' solution is a real ace. I've also got a lot more energy in my days, when I can conveniently go bang on a couple of special stages during my coffee and lunch breaks!"

Add-on after add-on

Looking for a gaming mouse tray for your simulator, but would you also like to keep the handbrake and shifter available for rally and drifting? Yes, that is also possible with OP Mouse Tray. You can conveniently attach the mouse tray to the same attachment points as the OP Shifter and Handbrake Mount, or you can also quickly switch between the mouse tray and the handbrake and shifter mount using the slot mounts. One rig to rule them all!

OP Racers - Check out how OP Mouse Tray looks in the rigs

Olli Pahkala




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  • Made in Finland, Rovaniemi
  • Premium materials
    • High pressure laminate
    • Aluminum
  • Four-axis sliding adjustment mechanism
  • 40x30cm mouse pad
  • Smooth HPL surface, suitable for mouse use as it is without a mouse pad
  • Quick release


We offer a full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.