OP Gaming Platform Tray

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With the OP Gaming Platform Tray, you can conveniently place the gaming platform directly in your rig, making your driving simulator compact, clean and easy to use.

Placing the gaming platform in the optimal location significantly facilitates the use of the simulator. When your gaming platform (PC or console) is placed off the floor, it is easily accessible, for example, for maintenance and connection of new equipment. The OP Gaming Platform Tray is a compatible, integrable tray for all OP rigs and for all game platforms.

Efficient cable management

Cable lengths of sim racing peripherals vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. In some cases, the lengths of the cables do not allow the devices to be connected very far from the gaming platform, so you have to bring the gaming platform close to the drive or purchase a longer cable. The OP Gaming Platform Tray is conveniently integrated into the rig, so all the devices you use are right next to the game platform and cable management will never be a problem in your driving simulator.

Placing and managing additional cables can be very challenging in some cases. For example, if you get a DD steering wheel, four monitors, and other accessories for your simulator, you have meters of cabling plus power supplies to place in your simulator. To top it all off, these should all be positioned so that they are easily accessible and also out of sight so that the aesthetics of your simulator remain clean. The OP Cable Box is an excellent accessory for the OP Gaming Platform Tray, which is attached to the horizontal board of the tray, where you can conveniently place all the wiring.


Full protection to the core of your simulator

Proper placement of the gaming platform is important to allow air to flow freely around the platform. The easiest way to damage your gaming platform is to place it on the floor on a rug or in a dusty corner. This results in poor airflow and dusting of the device, which in the long run causes the platform to overheat and increase the risk of damage to the device.

Do you want to protect your platform from bumps? Do you go to events or race with your friends frequently with the sim? No problemo, we made slots in the OP Gaming Platform Tray where you can thread the mounting straps and attach your gaming platform firmly to the rig. We use OP rigs every week in events and turn-key deliveries, which means that we have tested the performance of the tray and Cable Box to its peak. The tray is dimensioned to accommodate all gaming platforms, from large computers with EATX cases to small mATX computers and consoles.