OP Single Monitor Mount

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The OP Single Monitor Mount delivers performance and adjustability without compromising aesthetics.

The OP Single Monitor Mount is a perfect mounting package for all single-screen racers with an option to go triples with the OP Single-to-Triple Monitor Upgrade Kit.

The smaller the screen, the closer it should be

With the included long and short side arms, you can mount the monitor in front of, on top of, or behind your wheel base. The slide slots and the hand levers of the VESA-mount provide you a quick and handy height adjustment possibility. The matt black powder coated aluminium mount base acts as a stabilizer and an adjustment establisher, offering a wide and functional distance-from-eye fine-tuning function. The tilt is adjusted with the 3090-profile in your OP rig, with which you can direct the monitor towards your eyes.

Rock solid

Strong materials combined with thouroughly tested design guarantee you a rigid and eye-ergonomic racing experience. The 8mm aluminium base plate with the 15mm HPL VESA-mount & 12mm HPL side arms and the cross-supporting component ensure quality and high performance for years to come. All the components are connected with aluminium corner brackets, hand levers, extrusion profile slides, and matt black screws to complete the package.

  • Short and long arms offers superior DFE-scale
  • Monitor positioning possible in front of, above or behind your wheel base
  • Matt black powder coated aluminium mount base for quick DFE-adjustment
  • Tilt & distance adjustment with 3090 profile installed in the cockpit
  • Supports VESA 75/100/200
  • Supports screens from 24” up to 32” and ultra-wide gaming screens (e.g. 49”-wide Samsung C49RG90S)


  • Distance from eyes, min: 41cm
    • Max: 119,5cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Angle: 11 degrees

The product package includes parts, and the final product will be assembled by the customer by following the assembly instructions.

What's included

  • Short and long arms
  • Mount base
  • Cross support
  • VESA-plate with height adjustment slots
  • Corner bracket
  • 440mm 3060 black anodized aluminium extrusion profile
  • Joint brackes
  • Screws, slides & spacers


We offer full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.


Size: 38x50x10cm
Weight: 8kg

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VESA 75/100/200 monitors
16:9 ratio monitors from 24" to 32"
32:9 ratio monitors up to 49"