OP Single To Triple Monitor Mount Upgrade

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Upgrade your existing monitor mount for an extreme immersion boost.

Upgrade your existing OP Single Monitor Mount to the exactly same composition as the OP Triple Monitor Mount with the OP Single To Triple Monitor Upgrade kit.

Practicality in practice

The assembly process of the kit couldn't be much handier than this - simply remove the total of 6 screws from your existing OP Single Monitor Mount, assembly the Triple Monitor Upgrade kit by following the graphical assembly instructions, and off you go. That's how practicality is done!

Options open

Giving the possibility of upgrading and developing within a platform's life cycle is extremely important to us. The OP Single to Triple Monitor Upgrade kit is a perfect example of beginning a journey and evolving as you go.

  • Upgrade your existing monitor mount to an integrated triple monitor mount with extreme adjustability for performance and immersion enhancement
  • Height adjustable VESA-mounts
  • 3060-profile center and side monitor profiles
  • Side monitor angle brackets with side monitor width, angle and tilt adjustability


  • Distance from eyes, min: 41cm
    • Max: 119,5cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Angle: 11 degrees

Side monitor adjustability

  • Angle towards center monitor: 30-76 degrees
  • 3060-profile angle of rotation: +/-8 degrees
  • VESA-mount height: 12cm
  • VESA-mount angle: 34 degrees

The product package includes parts, and the final product will be assembled by the customer by following the assembly instructions.

What's included

Center and side 3060-profiles
2x VESA-mounts for side monitors
2x Side monitor angle bracket set
Bolts, washers & slides


We offer full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.