OP Triple Monitor Mount

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An advanced OP Triple Monitor Mount package ready to be integrated into your OP Formula & GT cockpits.

With superior performance, the OP Triple Monitor Mount offers an ultimate immersion boost for sim racing.

Stability as the highest priority

The mount base made of 8mm matt black powder coated aluminium secures the monitor mount into OP cockpits. A horizontal support component between the side arms eliminates the majority of horizontal wobbling created by the strong wheel bases and hard-core rally simulator racing. The aluminium extrusion profiles located on and between the side arms finalise the entire whole of adjustability and stability, giving you an ergonomic sim racing experience.

Good immersion makes a difference

Being able to mimic the traditional racing experience is critical in order to perform well in sim racing. With the OP Triple Monitor Mount's adjustability you can achieve the optimal FOV, and with that, the perfect immersion. The process of creating an optimal FOV is simple - check the size of your monitors, calculate the optimal distance and angles, set the monitors up, apply the settings on your simulator, and you're good to go! Fine-tuning after the initial setup is extremely handy, giving you the opportunity to tweak every smallest bit to perfection at any moment throughout the lifetime of the simulator.


  • Integrated triple monitor mount with extreme adjustability for performance and immersion enhancement
  • Stable viewing experience with an OP mount base, a horizontal support component and aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Superior DFE-adjustablility with the included short and long arms
  • Mount the monitors in front of, on top of, or behind your wheel base
  • Height adjustable VESA-mounts
  • 3060-profile center and side monitor profiles
  • Side monitor angle brackets with side monitor width, angle and tilt adjustability


  • Distance from eyes, min: 41cm
    • Max: 119,5cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Angle: 11 degrees

Side monitor adjustability

  • Angle towards the central monitor: 30-76 degrees
  • 3060-profile angle of rotation: +/-8 degrees
  • VESA-mount height: 12cm
  • VESA-mount angle: 34 degrees

The product package includes parts, and the final product will be assembled by the customer by following the assembly instructions.

What's included

Short and long side arms
Mount base
Cross support
3x VESA-mounts with height adjustment slots
2x Side monitor angle bracket set
Corner brackets
3060 black anodized aluminium extrusion profiles for central and lateral mountings
Joint brackes
Bolts, slides & spacers


We offer full manufacturer's warranty for two (2) years.


Size: 31x115x10cm
Weight: 13,5kg

VESA 75/100/200 mounting system

16:9 ratio monitors from 24" to 32"