How to share setups with your team using cloud service (for free!)

Adjusting the car setups can bring big improvements in lap times. Especially when the driving skills are on a good level, the skills and efficiency of adjusting car setup will make the difference, especially at the top level. One way to make working on car adjustments more efficient is to work as a team. But, without a good process, adjusting the car together can be challenging as individuals should remember to share the car's settings, remember to communicate the changes correctly and if there's no archive for old setups then everything has to be done from a scratch every single time.

The efficient adjusting process of the car's setup helps the teams and drivers to use time more efficiently, as it will improve archiving, communications and sharing the setups. It is possible to create a system in cloud services, with which all the setups are available to all drivers and can be distributed in real time and effortlessly. Here's instructions on how to create a setup sharing system for your team:

  1. Create Google Drive account if you don't have one already
  2. Download & install Google Drive Desktop
    o From the app preferences, change Stream files to Mirror files (files available in offline as well)
  3. Create a folder for your team and share it with your team members using their Google accounts
  4. Download and install Link Shell Extension
  5. Open the Google Drive from browser
  6. Right click the team's folder and "Add a Shortcut to Drive"
  7. Navigate to ‘This PC’ -> Google Drive -> My Drive -> right click your team's folder and select “Pink Link Source”
  8. Navigate to your game's setups folder (…/rFactor 2/UserData/player/settings or Documents/iRacing/setups/porsche911 for example), right click on the window, and select “Drop as… -> Symbolic Link”

Now the setups will be synchronized across our team and the synced folders can be found from in-game. You can also synchronize telemetry with the same steps as above, but from the experience it’s better to upload the telemetry case by case to avoid excess amount of data and lose important points.