OP Academy February edition, and site refurbished

OP Academy - February edition - iRacing setup sweep

Setup Sweep is an excellent tool for getting to know the car's settings thoroughly, which is especially popular among professional drivers who spend tens, even hundreds of hours adjusting the car. When you do the setup sweep once per car, it gives you an understanding of the car's characteristics and how the adjustments affect the car's drivability. At the same time, it can be used to interpret the effect of the extremes of the adjustments on the car's behavior.

In February's OP Sim Racing Workshop, we go through the basics of Setup sweep. The workshop will take place on 25 February 2023 at 19-20 (EET). Sign up here: Sim Racing Workshop - February 2023


New home page, news and guide sections and gallery

We revamped the front page, gallery, news section and guide sections of our website. Our purpose is to provide a more intuitive way to find information on our website, and to share our expertise more effectively so that we can serve you even better. Check out the new look on our website, if you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to contact us and we'll make it even better!

OP Sim Center – Season card challenge

Getting started with Sim Racing has never been this easy and affordable! As (to our knowledge) first in the world, we've released a season pass that gives racers access to Overpower's World Championship-level riding gear when they want it. Find out more about the OP Simulator Center and the twelve-month season ticket here: OP Simulaattorikeskus - Rovaniemen vauhdikkainta virtuaalista menoa kaiken ikäisille ja kokoisille kuljettajille ja ryhmille

New sim racing book from Ross Bentley

Ross Bentley, the author of the book The Ultimate Speed Secrets, has written a short puhblisment on the basics of sim racing, training techniques, race craft and driving exercises to support especially the most novice sim racers on their way to the top. This book in English is free to download, and we recommend it especially for beginning sim racers. You can find the book here: Win More Sim Races | Proven Speed Secrets to Make You an Even Better Sim Racer

OP Wreckfest server - smashing mates every Friday from 18-20!

Would you like to let off some steam after a long week? We have set up the Overpower Wreckfest server, where everyone can compete against each other in fun wrecking competitions. Starting next week, we will run two-hour demolitions from the simulator center in Rovaniemi, to which you are all welcome with your home simulators.

Overpower's Wreckfest server can be found in the in-game server list, the password for the server is overpowergg

Welcome, and have a nice weekend!