Privacy Policy

This privacy policy serves to inform our customers about the use of their personal data. By becoming our customer, you accept the use of your personal data as described in this document and confirm that you are familiar with the following information.

Legal basis for using personal information

The registered person has given his/her assent to the use of the information given by him/her to the company to the extent that is necessary for using the company’s services and/or acquiring its products.

Keeper of the register and the keeper’s contact information

The personal data register is kept and the information is processed by

Overpower Ltd (Business ID: 3020674-7)
Street address: Jämytie 1, 96910 Rovaniemi

Data protection officer:

Olli Pahkala
+358 44 335 2553

Collected data

The following customer data may be collected:

  • Data provided by the user or data that identify the person
    • Identification data, for instance the person’s name
    • Social security number for identifying the customer when making a credit agreement
    • Contact information, for instance the customer’s address, email address, and phone number
    • Payment data
  • Information obtained based on service use and analyses
    • Purchasing history
    • Delivery data
    • Feedback given and messages sent
    • Product evaluations
    • Data on using and browsing the online store and the customer’s device identification data
  • Information provided by the customer for using the racing portal:
    • Data on the customer’s equipment and accessories used for playing in the racing portal
    • The alias created by the customer
    • The game ID number created for the customer
    • The customer’s gaming history on the website

Purpose of processing customer data

Information is collected to enable the registered person to use the company’s services and to acquire its products.

Personal data is collected for the following purposes:

  • Creating and maintaining customer relationships
  • Delivering, processing, and archiving orders
  • Developing the operation and services of Overpower Ltd
  • Analyses and statistics
  • Marketing
  • Developing the customer experience and customer service
  • The company makes no personal profiles or automated decisions.

Data protection and distribution to third parties

All personal information is protected from unauthorized access and from inadvertent or illegal deletion, alteration, distribution, transfer, or other unlawful processing of data. Your information will only be seen by the persons who carry out the processing as part of their duties.

We may distribute some necessary information to third parties to guarantee delivery and for marketing purposes. In connection with a credit decision, your information is also conveyed to the creditor. Your information will not be transferred to a third country or to international organizations.

Data storage

We keep your personal data only as long as is needed for fulfilling the purposes of use described in this document. In addition, some data may be kept longer as deemed necessary for implementing statutory obligations, for example responsibilities pertaining to accounting and consumer trade, and for demonstrating their appropriate implementation.

At the customer’s request, his/her personal data may be removed from or anonymized in Overpower Oy’s information systems. Data removal and anonymization are irreversible measures: We cannot restore customer accounts once they have been removed. Please note that you have “the right to be forgotten” only if we do not have a compelling statutory obligation to continue the processing of your personal data.

Customer’s rights

As a customer, you have the right

  • To get access to your personal data, including the right to get a copy of your personal data
  • To request the removal or rectification of your personal data
  • On certain conditions to request limited processing or to object to the processing of your personal data
  • As a registered customer, to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Ombudsman regarding the processing of your data.

In addition, if the processing is based on a separate consent, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that this does not affect the legitimacy of the data processing carried out before the withdrawal of your consent. Forbidding the processing of your data may prevent service delivery.

You may request the information stored at Overpower Oy from the company’s data protection officer.