Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to consumers. If you're a business customer, you can find applicable terms and conditions from here.

1. General terms

The online store is maintained by Overpower Oy (business ID: 3020674-7). The terms laid down in this document are applied in trade relations between Overpower Oy (henceforth: the Company) and consumer customers. Consumer customer, in line with chapter 1, section 4 of the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978), refers to a natural person who acquires products primarily for a use other than business or trade. The Company reserves the right to change these terms of delivery unilaterally without prior notice. The Company is not liable for damage or breaches of contract resulting from force majeure. Force majeure encompasses unforeseeable issues or circumstances that the Company has not been able to act upon and that cannot be solved within reasonable limits, for instance limitations issued by the state, strikes, and breaks in traffic. The Company is obligated to notify the customer of such issues and circumstances without delay.

2. Customer

The Company sells services to consumer and business customers. To enable the delivery of an order and the relevant documents, consumer customers are obligated to provide at least their name, address, phone number, and email address when placing the order. Delivery time estimates are given based on the stock status. The estimates are merely best guesses, and they are not binding in view of the Company. The Company is not responsible for delays caused by unforeseeable changes, but it is obligated to notify the customer of them as soon as possible.

3. Privacy

Customer information is stored in the Company’s customer register that is used for maintaining customer relationships. The register, complying with the Personal Data Act (523/1999), is available at Privacy Policy page. The Company does not hand out address information for direct marketing by third parties. Customers may prohibit the use and processing of their information for marketing purposes by contacting the Company’s customer service. Furthermore, customers can choose whether the information is collected only for product delivery or whether it is also collected for marketing and for placing further orders by registering.

4. Prices, warranty, and products

The prices in the online store are given in euros (€), and they include the consumption country-specific value-added tax, in other words, the VAT of the country to which the product is delivered. Our online store’s product, delivery, and installation prices are updated regularly. We also reserve the right to check and correct prices resulting from technical and human errors. The delivery costs of each product are shown before placing an order. If a product’s delivery costs or methods deviate from those of the product group, the final delivery costs are specified in the shopping cart.

We reserve the right to refrain from shipping an order if the product information has contained a pricing error or if the product or its substitute is no longer available. We also reserve the right to refrain from shipping products to retailers without a separate retail agreement.

The purchaser is informed that our products are delivered in parts and that the purchaser is to assemble the products him/herself. If a product is faulty, the following terms of compensation apply:

Cosmetic fault: Discount or part replacement
Functional fault: Discount or part replacement
Deviation from the product description: Product replacement or return

Part replacement means that the Company delivers at its own cost a new part to the customer. Return means that the product is returned at the Company’s cost. The amount of discount is case-specific and depends on the significance of the fault. These terms do not limit the customer’s rights stated in the Consumer Protection Act. To proceed with a return, part replacement, or discount, the customer must present the appropriate order number.

5. Return policy

Because the trade of the Company involves online selling, the customer has a right of withdrawal laid down in chapter 6, section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act (Right of withdrawal in distance selling). When using the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify the Company of it within 14 days from receiving the goods. The customer must return the product at the customer’s own cost within 14 days from submitting the withdrawal notification. The Company refunds the customer latest 14 days from the date of receiving the withdrawal notification or from the date of receiving the customer’s confirmation of having posted the product to the Company, depending on which of these dates is later.

When returning a product, the customer must always start by making a withdrawal notification. The appropriate order number must also be submitted when returning a product.

When returning a product by mail, the customer is to acquire the receipt and package tracking code from the transport service provider and save them. If a returned product is lost in transit and there is no receipt, the sender is held responsible. The receipt certifies that the transport service provider has received the package for transport, in which case the responsibility falls upon the transport service provider.

The right of withdrawal does not concern a broken and/or damaged product, if it has been broken or damaged in the use of the customer. A returned product must be in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase.

6. Warranty

The Company offers a two-year warranty for product parts made by the Company. Some products contain parts made by other producers, and their warranty period may be longer or shorter. As for these parts, the Company follows the warranty periods of the other producers, which are stated in the product description.

7. Delivery methods

The products are sent using the SHIPIT Oy transport company or another method offered or chosen by the seller. The delivery costs of the products are announced separately. The Company is responsible for the condition of a product until the purchaser confirms receipt of it. The receiver of the product is to verify its condition and the number of the ordered items upon receipt. Upon receipt, the receiver is to enter into the waybill potential reservations concerning the condition or number of the products. The purchaser is responsible for the product’s importing costs such as tariffs and other taxes effective in the target country.

8. Terms of payment

The payment service is provided by Verifone Finland Oy (0943819-9). Verifone Finland Oy is a payment service provider authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). The payment transactions are carried out in Verifone Finland Oy’s secure payment environment. The payment recipient in the purchaser’s bank statement is Verifone Finland Oy, and the company forwards the payments to the seller. The payment service provider’s contact information is as follows:

Verifone Finland Oy
Vantaankoskentie 14
01670 Vantaa

Customer service for consumers: Phone 020 753 5192, kuluttaja@verifone.fi,

9. Disputes

If a dispute concerning the sales contract cannot be settled by negotiation between the parties, the customer may take the case to the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi) for mediation.

Before taking the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the customer is to contact the Consumer Advisory Service (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).